FIX-Loadout: Primary weapon mode lock icon was bugged.
FIX-Network: Playlist now synched for invite-links.
FIX-GameMode: Long respawn timer when killed with flag fixed.
FIX-GlobalChat: Global Chat not removing old messages.
FIX-GlobalChat: Prevent empty messages from being sent.
. FIX-GlobalChat: Mouse-wheel scrolling sped up.
ADDED-GlobalChat: Chat channel notification.
ADDED-InGameChat: /invite to send Global Invite while in-game.
ADDED-InGameChat: /clan 'message' to message clan while in-game.
ADDED-InGameChat: /all 'message' to global chat while in-game.
ADDED-InGameChat: /dm 'message' to respond to DM while in-game.
ADDED-InGameChat: Type /help to see chat commands.
ADDED-InGameChat: Team chat and chat commands input highlighted.
FIX: Faster CTF flag reset time when out of bounds.
FIX: Flag carrier now has a respawn penalty fo dying with flag.
FIX: Fixed controlpoint mode on element.
FIX: Player spawning as no team in team modes.
FIX: Team balancing creating uneven teams.
FIX: Grapple wire and sound missing for other players.
FIX: Friend requests not working.
FIX: Impulse sound missing for other players.

KNOWN ISSUE: grapple and impuls not showing for other players
KNOWN ISSUE: Scoreboard not showing all players
KNOWN ISSUE: Sometimes a players spawns on no team.

CHANGE: ADS zoom adjusted for most weapons

FIX: Victory screen not showing.
FIX: Burst rifle invisible.
FIX: Killer info showing white icons.

BALANCE-BurstRifle: damage buff, recoil reduced.

KNOWN ISSUE: grapple and impuls not showing for other players
KNOWN ISSUE: killer info not loading images
KNOWN ISSUE: victory screen doesnt show

NEW* CASUAL playlist. (non-competitive fun modes only)
NEW* Swat game mode to hardcore playlist
NEW* ShottySnipes game mode.
NEW* RocketRoyale game mode added to casual playlist

CHANGE: Warfare playlist now only contains team vehiclular maps and modes
CHANGE: Some weapons and equipment are locked behind levels.
CHANGE: Victory screen layout broken.

FIX: Grenade Launcher ammo pickup bug fixed.
FIX: Weapon pickup delay.
FIX: Leveling up was broken.
FIX: Ragdolls not receing damage forces.

ADDED: Free XP for users who dont use adblock

BALANCE-LMG: accuracy reduced - ammo reduced - fire rate increased
BALANCE-BurstRifle: zoom increased.

ADDED: Level CAP increased to 70! ADDED: You can now Rebind Skill key.
ADDED: Match DRAW banner for tying with opponents.
FIXED: Narrator audio not playing properly for game mode events.
TEMP: Removed Grenade Launcher from loadout for now.

CHANGED: Loadout selections are now saved to your profile.
FIXED: Clan system no longer broken.
FIXED: Unable to join matches if play button is pressed too fast.
FIXED: BOW missing crosshairs.
FIXED: Team balancing is now based on player KD and level, leading to less one sided battles.
FIXED: Unable to pickup DOUBLE BARREL.
FIXED: SMG Damage was ridiculously low on accident.
OPTIMIZATION: Reduced stutter on game start and level load.

NEW* Main Menu UI
NEW* Friend System (Requests, Approval, Chat)
NEW MODE* Fast Flag on Containment
NEW* Clan Chat
NEW* Join Friend match via Friend System
NEW* Player Abilities
NEW* Coastal: A Large Warfare Map
NEW* Impuls Player Ability: Shove players/objects away, as well as launch yourself.
NEW* ALL Weapons can now Aim Down Sights
NEW* Hold Aim option in menu
NEW* Post Processing effects when settings set to HIGH
NEW* Pistol Shot sound effect
NEW* Assault Rifle Shot sound effect
NEW* Store Item Showcase
NEW* Sticky grenade called GUNK GRENADE
NEW* Pocket Rocket, low powered explosive
NEW* Sawn Off shotgun model and animations.
NEW* Automatic Region Selection
NEW* Flag returning UI
NEW* Flag Status UI
NEW* End Game UI

UPDATED* Repuls websites:
UPDATED* Assault Rifle first person animations
UPDATED* Sniper Rifle first person animations
UPDATED* Shotgun first person animations
BALANCE-Shotgun: damage nerf, accuracy buff
BALANCE-Smg: damage nerf, accuracy buff
BALANCE-BurstRifle: damage nerf, accuracy nerf
BALANCE-RocketLauncher: Explosive range buff
BALANCE-Mech: Armor buff, Weapon damage buff
BALANCE-Jeep: Armor buff
BALANCE-Frag: Vehicle damage buff
MISC Changes: Smg animations, pistol animations

ADDED: 3 LMG skins.
ADDED: 3 Pistol.
ADDED: 2 Revolver.
ADDED: New assault rifle skin.

ADDED: New Assault Rifle skin.
ADDED: New Shotgun skin.
ADDED: Christmas themed character accessories.
CHANGED: New store.
CHANGED: Isolation has a christmas skin.
CHANGED: New christmas themed game loader.
FIXED: server list sorting.

ADDED: Map load screen + load screen tips.
ADDED: Match browser sorting.
ADDED: Chat spam filter.
CHANGED: Enabled progression for guests.
CHANGED: New animations for: Pistol pummeling, equipment throwing, pistol holding and shooting, grapple, jeep seats.
CHANGED: Pummel now pushes vehicles
CHANGED: Settings menu.
CHANGED: Ads now give 500 credits.
CHANGED: Chat messages now disappear after time.
BALANCING: Better new player team selection.
BALANCING: Slightly reduced smg accuracy.
BALANCING: Reduced LMG accuracy.
BALANCING: Player explosions deal less damage to self.
BALANCING: Mines can kill stationary/slow players in 1 hit.
BALANCING: Slightly reduces Rocket explosion radius.
BALANCING: Bow can now 1hit kill earlier.
FIXED: fixed animation issue making player bodies look in weird directions.
FIXED: fixed suppression rifle muzzleflash.
MISC: Performance Improvements

ADDED: Jack-o-lantern helmet.
ADDED: Invisibility powerup.
ADDED: Grapple now has a cool rope and pull animation.
ADDED: Features to deal with cheating and toxic players. Please report such players on discord.
ADDED: Bloom lighting when graphics set to HIGH.
ADDED: LOD system to improve performance.
CHANGED: game HUD was revised.
CHANGED: Suppresson Rifle ADS improved.
CHANGED: Isolation has a night mode to celebrate halloween.
CHANGED: Isolation and snowfall map terrain textures updated.
BALANCING: Suppression Rifle fire rate improved.
BALANCING: Grapple, frag, emp and smoke equipment cooldowns have been reduced.
FIXED: Infinite grapple in custom games.

ADDED: CUSTOM GAMES: You can now create your own games with your own game settings. (more options coming in future)

BALANCING: Thermals and grenade launchers are disabled for control point mode.
BALANCING: Sniper reload speed was increased.
BALANCING: Combat Rifle fire rate slightly reduced. Reload speed slightly increased.
BALANCING: Pistol ammo was reduced.
BALANCING: Revolver recoil reduced.
BALANCING: Assault Rifle recoil increased.
ADDED: Game room browser.
ADDED: You can now cancel spectate mode by pressing [tab] key.
ADDED: Team mate player tags are now always visible so you always know where teammates are.
ADDED: No ammo sound when trying to fire empty weapon.
ADDED: Ability to scroll primary and secondary loadout selection.
ADDED: Administrative tools.
ADDED: Healthbars now display a white damage bar.
IMPROVED: Weapon pickup while moving.
IMPROVED: Health bar UI performance.
IMPROVED: Grapple cooldown resets if grapple shot missed.
IMPROVED: Spectate will default to random player when activated.
IMPROVED: Bullet trails are more visible and have a more orange color.
CHANGED: Grenade launched added back to primary loadout. (except hardcore)
CHANGED: large game mode banner removed. (no longer needed)
CHANGED: When spectat
CHANGED: Lag compensation window extended.
CHANGED: Mech foot step screenshake reduced.
CHANGED: Bullet impacts are now bigger and more exaggerated.
CHANGED: Player hit effects are now relative to the player model, not time hit.
FIXED: Crosshair showing while in menu.
FIXED: Mouse not working in menu after using spectate mode.
FIXED: Broken character animation after using mech.
FIXED: Issue with match voting UI stuck on screen even after exit to menu.
FIXED: Not being able to exit spectate mode.
FIXED: Endgame progression UI showing above the escape menu.
FIXED: Ability to click main menu UI even when it was behind the playlist selection UI
FIXED: Issue where skinned weapons could have different stats from base weapon.

ADDED: Protector horn added. (Trigger button to use)
IMPROVED: Performance update. (Game should run better for most people)
CHANGED: Featured youtuber now opens on in a popup instead of leaving the page.
BALANCING: Pistol damage and accuracy slightly reduced. (Its still useful but is back to being a side weapon rather than the king of the game)
BALANCING: Regen nerfed. (A player standing in regen should feel less invincible)
BALANCING: Requires more XP to level up.
FIXED: AudioParam crash that randomly froze the game.
FIXED: Weapon sounds muted when riding as a passenger in protector.
FIXED: Using grapple could sometimes break movement, resulting in player rubber banding, even after respawn.

FIXED: Bugged chat messages between level load.
FIXED: Crash regarding audioparam (hopefully).
IMPROVED: Major update should reduce in reduced load times and allow loading new content on the fly.
CHANGED: Menu music extended and less compressed.
FIXED: Match Victoy XP bug (hopefully).
FIXED: Inability to use equipment or melee after using vehicles.

IMPROVED: A major performance update should result in a lot higher framerate and an overall smoother experience.
CHANGED: Leaderboard has been broken down into warfare and hardcore, KD is only updated when playing hardcore mode.
FIXED: Changing weapons while in vehicle.
FIXED: Incorrect surface tags resulting in pink impact effects when some surfaces were shot.
ADDED: First version of leaderboards is now live.
FIXED: Invite links should now work perfectly.
OPTIMIZATION: Ragdolls will disappear when offscreen if graphics setting set to LOW.

ADDED: Control point game mode.

FIX: Allow movement with arrow keys.
ADDED: Edittable key bindings in settings.
ADDED: Team only chat. (default key: T)
ADDED: Chat filtering.
ADDED: Separate Music volume.
ADDED: Separate Narrator volume.
ADDED: Option to hide HUD.
ADDED: Option to hide Chat.
ADDED: Option to hide ingame scoreboard.
ADDED: Field Of View slider
ADDED: New game mode progression UI. (top center of screen)
ADDED: Lower look sensitivity range.
ADDED: Look sensitivity value now shown.
CHANGE: Lower default look sensitivity.
CHANGE: Character tags fade quicker when no longer under crosshair.

ADDED: EMP grenade
ADDED: Smoke grenade
CHANGE: Suicides now give a respawn time penalty
CHANGE: Explosions can now push players
FIX: teleporting with flag on Snow Fall
FIX: turret stuttering
BALANCE: Reduced Mech HP
BALANCE: Reduced Regen Grenade Heal Speed
BALANCE: Slightly reduced health recharge speed
Can now modify loadout while waiting to respawn
Added animated respawn button
Performance update
FIXED objective/player tag scaling issue (health bar, flag waypoint)
Added FPS counter in settings.
Fixed framerate mouse sensitivity issue
LOW graphics option now hides detail objects
Major graphics upgrade!
All maps have been modified/upgraded
Map: Element has been remastered.

ADDED new Mech vehicle
FIXED base collision issue on snow fall
FIXED bugged bow animation
FIXED bugged shotgun animation
Added Sprint [press left shift while moving]
Added 2 more vehicles to Isolation
Buffed combat rifle
Camera shake added to weapons firing
Fixed kill feed displaying CLANS incorrectly
Fixed fps weapon showing while in vehicle
Players in vehicle now take less damage when vehicle is shot
Slight revolver BUFF
Slight double barrel BUFF
New Main Menu UI
Added UI sounds

Max Players increased from 12 to 16 (hopefully doesnt fry users pcs)
Fixed vehicles killing drivers on exit (finally uh?)
Spectator mode added
Rocket launcher damage and range reduced (no longer a god tier weapon)
Death camera now spectates other players/teammates
Hardcore playlist added
Playlist selection added
Added twitch stream showcase to homepage
Removed frame rate limit
Fixed bugged turret on 'snow fall'
Increased base movement speed
slight damage buff: AR
slight reload speed increase: AR
slight damage buff: CR
slight damage nerf: LMG
slight fire rate buff: GL
Fixed grenade launcher melee animation bug

Added new map (snow fall)
Added rocket launcher
Major performance optimization
Fixed game audio issue with video ad
Added user rank icons
Added server: EU1
Added server: NA2
Added server: NA3
Site Speed Optimization.
Added Capture the flag mode.
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